San Francisco Naturalist Society Lectures and Field Trips

Ken-ichi Ueda iNaturalist.org: A Naturalist Lifestyle and the Root of Conservation
Patrick Schlemmer My Furry Valentine: Sex in the Animal Kingdom  
SFNS 2nd Annual Beach Cleanup  
SFNS 15th Anniversary Speaker Party    
Carol Preston and Rebecca Johnson

Tidepooling Field Trip to Pillar Point Reef

Professor John Hafernik ZomBees!
Heidi Perryman Worth A Dam
Second Annual SFNS Campout Alice Eastwood Campground, Mount Tamalpais
David McGuire Shark Attack and Attack on Sharks
Margo Bors, Ruth Gravanis, and Damien Raffa Preserving San Francisco's Natural Areas  
Amber Hasselbring and Liam O'Brien  Tigers on Market Street: Butterfly Habitat Along a Busy Corridor
Patrick Schlemmer My Furry Valentine: Sex in the Animal Kingdom  
field trip SFNS Beach Clean Up
Megan Isadore The River Otter Ecology Project
Dominik Mosur Corona Heights Bird Walk
Ariel Rubissow-Okamoto and Kathleen M. Wong A Modern Ecology of San Francisco Bay
Dr. Chris Pincetich The Amazing Leatherback Migration to California
field trip SFNS Campout at Rob Hill in the Presidio
Ted Kipping Urban Tree Ecology
Liam O'Brien and Paul Signorelli The Green Hairstreak Corridor and The Hidden Garden Steps
Steve and Ann Dunsky Film Showing: Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time
Margo Bors A Visual Tour of San Francisco's Native Wildflowers
J. R. Blair What is a Mushroom Anyway?
Michael Ellis Footloose Forays
Patrick Schlemmer Tarantula Tour at the SF Zoo  
Dr. Gretchen LeBuhn The Great Sunflower Project
Adah Bakalinsky Stairway Walk on Mount Davidson
Dr. Kerry Kriger The Wild World of Frogs
Sharon Levy Once and Future Giants: what Ice Age extinctions tell us about the fate of Earth’s largest animals
Zara McDonald Bay Area Puma Project
James Martin Islands of San Francisco Bay
Craig Nikitas Corvidae of California  
Megan Isadore Raccoons
Ashwin Sunder Life in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve
Patrick Schlemmer Insects
field trip with Jake Sigg Wildflowers of McLaren Park
Victoria Elena Vasquez Great White Sharks
SPAWN Coho Salmon Field Trip
Brent Plater Twain's Frog and the Most Beautiful Serpent
Walter Kitundu San Francisco Bird Encounters
Craig Nikitas Owls of California
Ned McAllister SFNS Summer BBQ
Mike Boom Underwater Footage of the Eastern Pacific
Dr. Jerry Powell Moths of the Bay Area
field trip with Allan Ridley birding at Edgewood Natural Preserve
tidepooling field trip with Carol Preston Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
Nancy DeStefanis the Panama Pacific Exposition of 1915
field trip Ano Nuevo State Reserve
Nancy DeStefanis Birds of Three Remarkable World Heritage Sites: Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and Manu Jungle.
Craig Nikitas Hawks, Falcons, and other Raptors of the Bay Area
Liam O'Brien A Year of Butterflies in San Francisco
S. F. Zoo GGNRA Endangered Species Big Year Kickoff Party.
Brent Plater GGNRA Big Year
Jill Andrews and Patrick Schlemmer Wildlife of Kenya
Summer Lindzey Investigating the Mission Blue Butterfly
Nancy DeStefanis Premiere of “Heron Island,” a film by Judy Irving
Ray Bandar Showing of "Ray Bandar: A Life with Skulls," a film by Beth Cataldo
Jane Tollini Sex Tour
Paul S. Hamilton, MA, PhD. Reptiles and Amphibians of Ecuador

George Bristol Perennial Yellowjacket Nests
Allen Fish Half a Million Hawks Later: Results from 20 years of Studying Migrating Raptors at the Golden Gate.
Angela Rory West Nile Virus and other Vector Borne Diseases
Irene Donovan-Marten Cheetah Conservation in Namibia
Brent Plater The 109th Congress' Attempt to Eviscerate the Endangered Species Act
Bob Debets Polar Bear Encounters
Jane Tollini The Original Sex Tour
John Dillon The Heydey of Natural History
Shari Snitovsky Alaska's Whales and Wildlife  
Monique Lee Meet Live Bats!

Darrell Ubick

A Biological Survey of the Santa Cruz Caves
John Muir Laws Natural History of the Sierra Nevada: Creating a Field Guide

Nancy DeStefanis

When Birds Were Hats-Political Ramifications of Victorian Fashion

Norm and Leslie Gershenz

Center for Ecosystem Survival "Bowl the Planet" Fundraiser

Carol Preston

Tidepooling Field Trip to Fitgerald Marine Reserve  

Darin Dawson

Tour of the Conservatory of Flowers

Chris Giorni

Bay Area Amphibians

Heather Canfield


Mike Boom

Underwater Footage from the South Seas

Josiah Clark

Presidio Bird Walk

Doreen Moser

Marine Mammal Center Behind-the-Scenes Tour  

Nancy DeStefanis

Great Blue Herons of Golden Gate Park

Sarah Sterling

Carnivores of Madagascar

Jessie Bushell

Sex in the Animal Kingdom

Carol Preston

Tidepool Field Trip to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve  
Jill Andrews Wildlife of Southern Africa

Helmut Will

Choosing and Using a Microscope

Eric Mills

SARS and Live Animal Markets

Susan Way

The Geology of Corona Heights

Bob Stewart

Common Local Insects And Their Relatives

Caroline Dingle

Natural History of Ecuador

Victoria Saxe

A Brief History of Scientific Illustration

Chris Giorni

Global Amphibian Decline
John Dobson Sidewalk Astronomy

Nancy DeStefanis

History of Stow Lake

Shari Snitovsky

Whales along the California Coast

Linda Micke

Pelts, Bones and Skulls in Conservation Education

Dr. John Ochsenreiter

African Bushmeat Crisis

Brandais Roumasset

Behavioral Training of Captive Dolphins

Greg Gaar

San Francisco's Changing Landscape

Thomas Wang

Ecology and Art

Barbara Palmer

Snow Leopards of Nepal

Deb Cano

Bear Biology

Steve Thomas

Beekeeping in San Francisco

Blythe Loutit

Rhino Conservation

Gerald Moore

South Florida: A Bird Lover's Winter Paradise  

Susan Barnes

The Changing Face of Africa  

Dr. Martin Haulena

Veterinary Medicine at the Marine Mammal Center

Brian Whitely

Maraleen Manos Jones Butterflies in Human Culture
Patrick Schlemmer Flesh-eating Beetles

Dr. John Keane

Northern Goshawk Ecology

Eric Krussman

Beer Brewing Workshop

Darcy O'Brian

Orangutan Conservation

Peter D'Amato

Carnivorous Plants

Regan Rostain

Bay Area River Otters

Debbie Green

Harbor Seals of San Francisco Bay  

Steve Waldron

Poison Dart Frog Natural History

Craig Reading

San Francisco Significant Natural Areas
Ned McAllister Behind the Scenes Tour of the Frogs Exhibit at the Exploratorium  


Lori Komejan Wolves and Moose in Michigan

Quinn McFrederick

Edible Insects

Toni Piaggio

Biology of Bats

Chris Feldman

Biology of Snakes

Denise King

Mojave Kangaroo Rats

George Bristol


Dr. Carole Toebe

Malaria Research

Dr. Greg Spicer

Fruit Fly Genetics

Tom Chester


Mike Boom


Dana Knepper

Wildlife Management




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